Two Parents, Two Homes


Two Parents, Two Homes is a 4-Hour Parent Education & Family Stabilization Course. Family courts require parents with minor children who going through a divorce to complete this course. Other reasons for taking this course include establishing custody, changing visitation, and modifying custody or child support.

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Basic Parenting Skills Class


This is Level 1: 4 Hour Basic Parenting Skills Class including topics such as cooperating with the other parent, what children need, how to navigate custody evaluation, and much more. The course is often required by (but not limited to) one of the following organizations: The Department of Children and Families, Child Protective Services, probation offices, courts, and judges.

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Padres y Madres, y el Divorcio

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Clases de los padres en línea de separación y los padres’ que se están divorciando. Si usted tiene hijos menores los tribunales de familia requieren que ambos padres completar una clase, como este, antes de que el divorcio es definitivo. Todo lo que necesita para completar su curso es siempre 100% en lìnea. El certificado oficial será enviado a usted por correo electronico.

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Parenting classes are affordable, easy to understand, and written so every parent can put the information learned into practice. With our online options, it is easy to satisfy a court requirement or experience personal development. Our classes will provide you with the parenting techniques to better meet the developmental needs of children as they grow.

How It Works:

Our parenting classes are 100% online and can be started immediately. Just select, “Click Here to Enroll” under the course you need to complete. You will be brought to the secure registration page to create your account. Click “Submit” and move on to the payment page. Once purchased, you will be able to start and complete your course at your own pace.

Everything is included and there are no hidden fees. Upon successful completion, you will be able to print and save your certificate. The courses also include full audio! You can also log in and out as many times as you want.

The 4-Hour Two Parents, Two Homes Parenting Class is also known as a co-parenting course, divorce course, shared parenting course and a divorce seminar. It meets the requirements for: COPE class, seminar for divorcing parents, child impact seminar, pre-divorce seminar, and Divided Yet United courses.